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"The NBA has had the good fortune to work with Jennifer Monness and the Meditation Lab across a number of our key platforms and events and each experience has been deeply impactful. Jennifer and the Lab have conducted on-site training sessions for a number of our departments, leading mindfulness sessions and helping to teach easy-to-use techniques to manage stress in the workplace. Jennifer also led a training session for our first-ever Women’s Leadership Conference and she was able to command the attention and focus of hundreds of people in one setting.


Her approach and style truly lend themselves to any situation and she has a unique ability to get everyone comfortable and committed to the training. We also used Jennifer to lead a session at our first-ever Jr. NBA Global Championship event and she was able to once again command the attention of hundreds of young students and coaches from all over the world. Watching her find common language and understanding in that setting was an inspiring component of our event and one that was appreciated by all participants. Regardless of the setting, we have benefited greatly from working with Jennifer and the Meditation Lab."

- Kathy Behrens, President, Social Responsibility & Player Programs,

National Basketball Association (NBA) 

"Partnering with Jennifer on mindful meditation sessions has been a truly meaningful experience for our production team and the participants. Jennifer exhibits great care and diligence in preparing multiple sessions - live and virtually - which address the particular stress points our attendees are challenged by. Jennifer's calming voice, confident manner, and overall experience are additive to the culture and productivity of any organization. Speaking as owner, organizer, and pupil, I greatly respect her approach to the craft, and her ability to positively impact so many different personalities in one session. We look forward to our next event with Jennifer!"

- Joseph Grecco, Founder, Palio, Inc. 

"I have been working with Jennifer Monness owner of The Meditation lab personally and professionally. Most recently Jen started working with one of my clients a small digital marketing company based in NYC. Jennifer led a meditation session via zoom for the Woman’s group in the organization which is about 30 women. She shared important information about meditation and led us through a series of breathing and chair stretch exercises that were amazing. The employees loved it so much they insisted the entire company experience it as well. 


Jennifer is coming back again to lead the organization in a mediation session—in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Our plan is to make The Mediation Lab a key component to the company’s Wellness Programming and have Jennifer lead sessions throughout the year. My client’s employees realized how much they needed more tools to be productive in this new world we live in. Jennifer was able to connect quickly with the population and they are looking forward to continuing the practice of meditation with The Meditation Lab." 

- Courtney Graeber, Human Resources Consultant 

"Working with the Meditation Lab was a wonderful experience for our stressed and hardworking employees. They enjoyed the break in their day to breathe and to find calmness. The feedback we received about the workshop included how informative and helpful it was in showing them to pause even if just for a few minutes each day. Jennifer was eager to learn about our staff and she was flexible in designing a workshop that met their specific needs. We have scheduled additional workshops and look forward to partnering with the Meditation Lab." 


- HR Manager, Healthcare IT company in Westchester NY 

"When we first started working with Jennifer, we held 4 separate sessions to gauge everyone's interest as well as to find the time that works best for most people. The attendance was strong and the feedback even stronger. 


Jennifer has a wonderful balance of being accessible to the "non-meditator" who might be nervous to attend, yet at the same time has the skill and knowledge base to engage people who have practiced mindfulness in some manner previously. 

I continue to enjoy Jennifer’s sessions personally and feel it's an important offering to both Advisors and Team Members at our firm."  

- Jeff Neeck, Partner, Strategies for Wealth

"Working with Jennifer Monness on Employee Wellness Programming for my organization has been an absolute pleasure. Over the past year, my Team has been working on-site during an extremely stressful time. I asked Jen to join our Zoom Team meeting and I was amazed at the engagement from the group. They closed their eyes and followed the meditation instruction with their cameras on! I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from that meeting - the team was so thankful to learn some techniques to help them manage their everyday stress. Jennifer made meditation attainable - something you could do sitting at your desk, on the train, or even hiding in the walk-in! (We run restaurants). This month we followed up with a webinar on the Body-Mind connection for Mental Health Awareness Month. Jen worked hand in hand with our Wellness Manager to create content that we will share with our employees and our clients. Jennifer has made a strong connection with our team and has worked collaboratively with us to create content even while all remote."

- Greta Patel, Vice President, Restaurant Associates 

"How lucky we were to have Jennifer work with our team during the height of the pandemic, with our range of personal and work stressors not to mention the upside-down world. Jennifer's warm and supportive teaching style helped our disparate group come together around the idea of meditation. Not only did she provide us with an accessible on-ramp to the practice by leading us through a meditation; she left us with a practical toolkit to revisit whenever and wherever we need it. We look forward to welcoming her back and can't recommend Jennifer highly enough!" 


- Wendy Handler, Director, DOROT

"Two years ago, when my son was 17, he reluctantly agreed to be Jennifer’s ‘guinea pig’ while she was creating the Lab, and learn how to meditate.  All I can say is that 2 years later, meditation has become part of his regular routine. It helps him stay calm and focused whether confronting stress or not. The skills he has incorporated into his life will serve him for years to come as he navigates his way through life. 

Jennifer’s ability to connect with the kids she teaches is truly remarkable; she is gentle, funny and completely engaging. As a result,  the students feel at ease, which allows them to open up, let down their teenage angst and discomfort in order engage in an experience that will change their lives."


- Elaine, parent

"Incorporating Jennifer’s mindfulness techniques into our Irvington High School Physical Education curriculum was one of the highlights of the 2017-2018 school year. Jennifer led three sessions with each of our classes during the month of January. That proved to be impeccable timing with mid-term exams at the end of that month. Her calm persona coupled with her expertise in yoga and meditation, combined to grab the attention of our students. Many of our students eagerly looked forward to the sessions with Jennifer."


- Donna and Martin, Irvington High School physical education teachers

"The intensity and concentration required of athletes during a typical season, coupled with the demands of academics,  can be very exhausting. The introduction of yoga and meditation to our basketball program has been invaluable in helping the girls find a feeling of peace and space while balancing a rigorous daily schedule.  Jennifer Monness  has led numerous sessions with our team at critical times during the season. They  have proven to be incredibly helpful.  The girls learned to find ways to calm down, take a step back and put everything in proper perspective. The exercise helped   them discover the peace and confidence necessary to achieve their goals in a positive and unifying way. They eagerly look forward to days when we have Meditation Labs."


- Gina Maher, Coach Girls Varsity Basketball

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