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JLM Wellness (formerly The Meditation Lab) was founded in 2016 by longtime yoga and meditation teacher Jennifer Monness. Inspired by the impact practicing meditation had on her own ability to navigate the stress of working and raising a family, Jennifer began leading corporate workshops, sharing the benefits of a regular meditation practice along with simple ways to integrate the practice into one’s life. 

Jennifer Monness

Throughout her 25 years of teaching, Jennifer gained first-hand experience of the powerful impact the mindfulness practice can have on building inner resilience to navigate physical, mental, and emotional stress. 


Jennifer Monness is the Founder and Director of JLM Wellness (The Meditation Lab), a provider of customized wellness programs tailored to employees and executives who experience stress and pressure in the workplace.

Working with groups, teams, and individuals, she facilitates workshops that focus on mindfulness & meditation, positive mindset, and the neuro-science of developing healthy habits.

Jennifer has been teaching for over 25 years and brings her knowledge and expertise as a yoga instructor and meditation facilitator. Jennifer lives in Irvington, NY with her husband and six children.

Our Approach

As a parent to middle school, high school, and college-age children, Jennifer was all too familiar with the overwhelming pressure students feel to achieve in their lives.


Seeing a need for a program that would teach children simple practical tools and techniques to help relax the body and settle the mind, she was inspired to expand her work into the field of education.


Whether she’s working with students, faculty and administrators or in a corporate setting office with business executives and support staff, Jennifer simply loves teaching people how to meditate and sharing how the practice can help one deal with life’s stresses and pressures.

A consistent meditation practice can play a key role in overall mental health and well-being. By increasing one’s capacity to focus attention and manage challenging emotions, meditation helps the practitioner navigate work demands and personal challenges with a greater overall sense of ease.

Our Services

Jennifer works with teams and individuals, facilitating workshops that focus on exercises centered around mindfulness and meditation. 


Learn more about our variety of programs.

Areas We Serve: Westchester County, NY & Beyond

JLM Wellness serves a variety of areas from Westchester County, New York and beyond. Jennifer frequently presents in nearby New York City and travels to present in-person at a variety of conferences, speaking engagements, and workshops around the United States. She is also available virtually through Zoom sessions or even podcasts. Reach to discuss plans for your next speaking engagement. 

Contact Us

Let's get started! We would love to hear more about your goals, your group, and your availability. We look forward to sharing how our programs can help your employees, teams, faculty, or students improve focus, decrease stress, increase productivity, and discover life balance. Reach out to us for a clarity call!

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