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Appearance on the Prime Life Podcast - Ep. 70 "Practicing Mindfulness Can Transform Your Life"

I was honored to be a guest on the Prime Life podcast. In this appearance I had a great conversation with Josef Katz and Mary Falletti-Creanon on how the practice of mindfulness can help transform your life.

We discussed strategies for managing stress, improving focus and productivity, and enhancing overall health – all through the power of mindfulness.

Episode Overview

In the episode, I delve into:

  • Practical mindfulness techniques for professionals in today's demanding work environment.

  • Simple strategies that listeners can implement to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance their overall well-being in both corporate settings and individual coaching

  • Research about these practices can significantly benefit mental health & well-being

  • A huge thank you to the Prime Life team … especially Mary Crean, MBA for having me on!

During times of transition, we all can use strategies that can help decrease anxiety and improve kindness and compassion not just for ourselves but for others. Jennifer Monness, founder and director of the Meditation Lab shares how mindfulness can help manage stress and improve focus, well-being, and relationships. She also discusses how mindfulness can be practiced in our daily activities.

The Prime Life Podcast

The Prime Life podcast focuses on how to live longer and live better through exploring purpose, exercise, diet, healthcare, and finance in the hopes of adding good years to our life.

Listen to the Episode

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Start incorporating mindfulness into your life. JLM Wellness (formerly The Meditation Lab) offers a variety of workshops to help students, teachers, teams, small groups, individuals, and employees achieve focus, reduce stress, become more productive, and find balance.

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