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NBA Women's Leadership Forum - Guided Meditation

Jennifer had the pleasure of speaking at the NBA Women's Leadership Forum. She walked the audience through a guided meditation and provided helpful tips on starting meditation.

Guided Meditation

"If you are waiting for the right time to meditate, you probably never will, especially if you are new to the practice."

Start Small

Jennifer shared that starting to meditate can be hard. Finding the "magic time" to sit still and listen to your internal narrative is unrealistic. She instead suggests for newcomers to start small. Set a goal of a few minutes each day to:

  • close your eyes

  • connect with your breath

  • center yourself

  • be more balanced and grounded

There are so many different ways to meditate, but it is important to put a system in place that works for you in order to make mediation a part of your daily routine.

We Can Help

Jennifer and JLM Wellness (formerly The Meditation Lab) can help. We offer a variety of workshops and can develop customized programs to fit your needs.

We'd love to learn more about your group or event. Reach out to us for a clarity call today!


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