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​Let us offer your team mindfulness-based wellness workshops at your next on or off site corporate event. JLM Wellness (formerly The Meditation Lab) will help your employees will learn skills to increase focus, improve productivity, and reduce stress.

Our Approach

Our mindfulness programs are designed to help individuals and organizations cultivate a mindful workplace culture. We offer a variety of programs that can be customized to meet your unique goals.

We can start with introductory workshops or, for a more seasoned team, move to ongoing training and support. We use evidence-based techniques to help individuals develop mindfulness skills, such as meditation, breathing exercises, and cognitive-behavioral strategies.

Our trained professionals will guide you through the process of building a mindful workplace culture that fosters collaboration, creativity, and well-being. Our programs have been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve overall job satisfaction.


In addition to our programs, we offer resources and support to help you maintain your mindfulness practice. We believe that mindfulness is not just a skill, but a way of life that can benefit individuals and organizations alike.

We help your employees show up for work feeling more productive.

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

The benefits of mindfulness are both clear and proven. 

For Leaders & Employees

Mindfulness programs help leaders and employees:

  • reflect effectively

  • focus sharply on the task at hand

  • manage peak levels of stress

  • recharge quickly

For Your Entire Organization

On an organizational level, mindfulness practices:

  • reduce sick days

  • increase trust in leadership

  • boost employee engagement

“Workplace wellness is expanding beyond annual blood pressure checks to include the benefits of meditation, yoga, and other exercises designed to manage stress and center the mind. But do such practices, known as mindfulness, really work?

New research suggests including just a few minutes of mindfulness in each day makes employees more helpful and productive.

Lindsey Cameron
Assistant Professor in the Department of Management 
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Programs & Workshops

Mindfulness Workshop

Our 30-minute or 60-minute workshops introduce the principles of mindfulness meditation and lead participants through a series of breathing, visualization, and meditative practices that employees can take with them into the workplace and beyond. Participants will also receive 5-minute guided meditation audio recordings to help them establish their meditation practice.

Mindful Refresh

Maintaining focus and integrating information during events/offsites is hard. That’s why we’ve created a palate cleanser for the mind: 10 or 15-minute guided meditations designed to refresh the mind and refocus attention so participants can feel clear and present for whatever comes next.

Mindful Happy Hour

Did you know that mindfulness supports connected relationships and can be….fun? Let us bring the lighter side of mindfulness to your team building programs. We will guide your team through a series of exercises to bring them into deeper connection, interpersonal awareness, and creativity.

Mindful Meeting Kickoffs

Let us “set the room” for your important meetings, to ensure that participants are present and receptive. Mindfulness reduces reactivity, increases empathy and helps with emotional regulation – key ingredients for successful meetings. Help your employees transition into your meeting with 5-10 minutes of centering and connecting

Kathy Behrens, President, Social Responsibility & Player Programs, National Basketball Association (NBA)

"The NBA has had the good fortune to work with Jennifer Monness and the JLM Wellness across a number of our key platforms and events and each experience has been deeply impactful. Jennifer and the Lab have conducted on-site training sessions for a number of our departments, leading mindfulness sessions and helping to teach easy-to-use techniques to manage stress in the workplace. Jennifer also led a training session for our first-ever Women’s Leadership Conference and she was able to command the attention and focus of hundreds of people in one setting. Her approach and style truly lend themselves to any situation and she has a unique ability to get everyone comfortable and committed to the training. We also used Jennifer to lead a session at our first-ever Jr. NBA Global Championship event and she was able to once again command the attention of hundreds of young students and coaches from all over the world. Watching her find common language and understanding in that setting was an inspiring component of our event and one that was appreciated by all participants. Regardless of the setting, we have benefited greatly from working with Jennifer and JLM Wellness."

Contact Us

Let's get started! We would love to hear more about your goals, your group, and your availability. We look forward to sharing how our programs can help your employees, teams, faculty, or students improve focus, decrease stress, increase productivity, and discover life balance. Reach out to us for a clarity call!

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