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Meditation Series 1 Bundle

This bundle includes the following five minute guided meditations: Settle, Balance, Focus, Letting Go and Staying Present. The audios are perfect for use in the classroom, at home, or on the go.



Oftentimes, the most challenging aspect of meditation is sitting still when our mind is restless.  Choosing a meditation anchor - something you can return to when the mind wanders off - can be especially helpful to settle our thoughts.  In this guided meditation, students will experiment with anchor words - placing one word on the inhale and one word on the exhale - to support their awareness of the breath. Every time the mind wanders, coming back to the word or the phrase selected will help students stay focused and more connected to the present moment.



In this guided audio meditation, the focus will be on creating space between the inhale and the exhale.  This gentle holding of the breath can be especially helpful when the mind is full of distracting thoughts.  With consistent practice, students develop confidence in their ability to focus their attention. With a clear mind, one feels more productive and capable of attaining set goals. This confidence is essential for happiness and well-being.



This simple guided audio meditation will offer basic strategies for staying centered, relaxed, and focused before an important moment or task. The three step practice will help students understand that counting their breath is a great tool which they can incorporate into their daily lives.



The ability to let go of distracting thoughts is one of the secrets to setting the mind and feeling more at ease in the moment. In this short audio practice, students are introduced to a simple step approach to meditation. Throughout the session, students are asked to direct their attention to each individual breath - counting the beats of the inhale and the beats of the exhale to focus their attention and calm their mind.



In this meditation, we develop our listening skills by focusing on the sound of the mindfulness bell.  Using sound as the object of our concentration can be very helpful, especially when your mind is restless. Throughout this exercise, it’s only natural that your mind will wander, but when it does, see if focusing on the bell helps bring you back to the breath and back to the moment.

Meditation Series 1 Bundle

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • *The Series 1 bundle is formatted as zip file and can be difficult for some to download on a mobile device. Once your purchase is complete, you will also receive an exclusive Soundcloud link that will allow you to stream the audios from any device. 

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